Distance from the hotel: 500 metres (6 minutes by foot)

Spa promenade is the dominant feature of the spa center of the city. It leads from the fountain in the upper part to the pavilion of Francis spring. Nearby the pavillon there is New Colonnade, neoclassical building of Gustav Wiedermann from 1912, which houses gas bath.


Distance from the hotel: 750 metres (9 minutes by foot)

In the bottom part of the spa promenade there is Statue of Francis, one of the symbols of Franzensbad, which is frequently visited by women from around the world. According to the legend, Francis is the most powerfull healing source of spas that treats primarily gynecological problems, and every woman who touches inch on left foot of the statue becomes pregnant within a year. 



Distance from the hotel: 1200 metres (14 minutes by foot, 4 minutes by car)

Multifunctional complex with swimming pools, water attractions, saunas is a modern landmark of Franzensbad. Visitors can also enjoy fitness activities, squash courts and a varied offer of refreshments. Pension Rossini offers convenient stay packages, in which the entrance to Aquaforum is included.  



Distance from the hotel: 6500 metres (12 minutes by car)

Extensive area of fens, peat bogs, mineral salt marshes and ponds under the name SOOS is a unique geological site in Europe. In the reserve visitors can walk through the nature trail, explore mud volcanoes and taste Imperial Spring. Children certainly like to visit the field with fallow deer. Marked tourist trail leads to the reserve from the city center of Franzensbad.